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Our mission

To identify value in challenged traditional companies and provoke or accelerate value enhancing change.

Unlocking value often requires a strategic change. We seek to provide the focus, support and expertise needed to initiate this change.

Purpose driven. Experience Led

We invest tactically, accessing liquidity across the market, at attractive times.

We look to work with management, to recalibrate strategic objectives, secure stakeholder support and navigate obstacles to execution.
We are 100% focused on driving value creation.

Ca = Technology + Content
In every economic revolution to date content and distribution has been king. The Digital Revolution is no different.

Digital start-ups initiated industry disruption - further transformation will come from traditional content rich, cash flowing companies as they adapt to this new paradigm.

Those companies that successfully navigate the next decade of this third industrial revolution will reveal the full value of existing customer interactions and proprietary data assets.

At Catalist we believe traditional cash flowing companies can lead digital transformation by adopting a strong technology strategy benefiting customers and shareholders.